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A new part of many families’ Christmas tradition

A promising and magnificent story of a little lady and her cute bunnies contribute to the magic of Christmas

 Dr. Barbara ten Brink, a prolific author surprises her readers with another heartwarming story. Miss Claus and Her Bunnies, hailed as a “new part of many families’ Christmas tradition” by The US Review of Books is a wonderful and endearing Christmas story following a young lady and her bunnies as she sees to her duties to ensure Christmas is delivered to every child’s waiting chimneys.

When talking about children, the Christmas season and bedtime stories are easily the first ideas that come to mind. Nothing beats a merry holiday celebration coupled with a hearty children’s story on Christmas eve. This is exactly what Dr. Brink offers to her young and imaginative readers. What makes this even more of an exciting read is its diversion from the usual Christmas stories. Many books have vividly told the magic behind Santa Claus’ trip around the world to deliver toys to every girl and boy. We have known about the elves that work in Santa Claus’ toy workshop and the reindeer that pull his sleigh. But have you ever heard of Miss Claus and her Bunnies

In this book, Dr. Ten Brink skillfully writes about Elizabeth–Little Miss Claus–the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Claus, accompanied by her bunnies. Young readers follow Elizabeth as she and her bunnies perform their duties, right up until Christmas Eve.

The US Review of Books has hailed Miss Claus and her Bunnies as a “new  part of many families’ Christmas tradition.” It says, “This book’s message is not only meant for the Christmas season. Its unique story combines with beautiful artwork to not only form a new type of Christmas story but also to teach young readers about responsibility… Young readers begin learning lessons about using their talents and abilities in specialized areas where those talents are needed.”

Although a short read, it is packed with valuable life lessons that will help cement children’s characters and develop positive interpersonal and intrapersonal attitudes. 

“Adults and children alike will enjoy the book’s vibrant artwork, which, no matter the time of year, transports readers to the North Pole, where the hustle, bustle, and joy of giving and of the Christmas season never end. From the story’s beginning, the special inclusion of bunnies into a traditional holiday setting establishes a diverse, inclusive community, and young readers quickly see the value of including others who may be different from them. Elizabeth’s story is empowering, particularly to young female readers, as they see another young person not only tasked with great responsibility but also finding her purpose early on in life. More importantly, as young readers see Elizabeth and her bunnies interacting with the others in Santaland, they learn the value of working as part of a team and as part of a community. At its core, the book truly advocates an important message: ‘We are better together,’” says Nicole Yurcaba of The US Review of Books. Read the full review here

Dr. Barbara ten Brink is a native Texan from a military family with the advantage of living in Japan, Germany, Maryland, Virginia, and Texas. She is married to Atty. Henri ten Brink. They have one child, Sam. To know more about Dr. Brink and her published works, interested parties can visit her website at

Miss Claus and Her Bunnies

Written by Dr. Barbara Ten Brink

Paperback | $9.99

Hardcover | $16.99

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