Below is a guide to the book publishing process.

Publishing Consultant Contact

The author contacts with book publisher.

Publishing Materials Submission

The author submits the manuscript—along with additional materials such as pictures—to the publisher in digital or printed format.

Editorial Process

The manuscript is assigned to the editorial department. Depending on the manuscript’s quality, the editing team will either submit it for developmental editing or copyediting.

Design Process

The author receives the initial version of the book, consisting of the interior, layout, and cover proofs.

Design Preview and Approval

Once completed, the book’s digital version is sent to the author. This is an opportunity for the author to make changes and corrections to the interior and overall design. Necessary revisions to the design will be done until the author’s approval.

Print Proof

The author receives a printed version of the book—to be reviewed for its overall printing quality.

Signing of an Approval Form

The author signs a form, giving an official approval to the printed version of the book. This indicates that the book is ready for bulk printing.

Worldwide Distribution

The author’s book is distributed to physical bookstores as well as online retailers and bookstores.

Marketing and Promotions

The marketing team prepares press releases and other book marketing methods—depending on the author’s preference—for the author’s book marketing campaign.