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Children’s Book Writer Explores the Unlikely yet Hilarious Scenario of Having Eight Pound Cows!

“Eight pound cows would make great pets: Great, fat, furry, black, silly, docile, pets not unlike two, eight pound, white, furry, fluffy, poodles I know.”

Dr. Barbara ten Brink succeeds yet again in engaging her readers with a whimsical story of cows, only eight pounds in size! In Eight Pound Cows, readers will have the pleasure of what it will mostly feel like to have cows the same size as a puppy. Cows are already endearing the way they are, but what if they’re reduced to eight pounds? What a delight it would be to run our hands in their skin as they nap on our lap and carry them whenever, wherever.

According to Tracy Kelly of The US Review of Books, Eight Pound Cows “takes the reader through a series of whimsical scenarios, including bathing and grooming her cows in the sink and then taking them to the professional groomers to be adorned with pretty bows.

An innocent and heartfelt story, Brink’s work is certain to strike a chord in anyone who has loved and cared for an unusual pet. While it is common and easy to show affection for conventional pets, like dogs and cats, it is natural for owners of farm animals, like horses and cows, to feel the same protective adoration. Bonded by years of care and mutual support, this love can be just as strong.” Read the full review here.

Dr. Brink has written numerous books, most of which are children’s books. Like her other children’s stories, Dr. Brink makes sure that her readers are continuously engaged by letting them use their imagination to write their own sequels and conclusion to her stories. 

Eight Pound Cows was inspired by Dr. Brink’s grandmother, Clemmie. She not only sparked the beginning of a refreshing and creative story but her existence and way of life ignited Dr. Brink’s dream of working on a ranch. 

“Every weekend, I feel connected to my grandmother, also a farmer. Granny’s reputation, her larger-than-life persona, her involvement with the entire community, her enthusiasm for work, and her philanthropy are models to which I aspire. Working on my acreage, I imagine Clemmie working on her cotton farm. Harvesting mustang grapes, I visualise Clemmie canning preserves, making jellies, and putting up stores of black-eyed peas, okra, tomatoes, and other produce she grew on her farm and shared with all of Brownfield, Texas. Every time I work at my ranch, I channel Clemmie. I talk to her, ‘Dear Granny, Have I done enough? Have I worked hard enough? Have I accomplished one-tenth of your humane accomplishments?’ I aspire to,” Dr. Brink shares candidly.

Dr. Barbara ten Brink is a native Texan from a military family with the advantage of living in Japan, Germany, Maryland, Virginia, and Texas. She is married to Atty. Henri ten Brink. They have one child, Sam. To know more about Dr. Brink and her published works, interested parties can visit her website at

Eight Pound Cows

Written by Dr. Barbara Ten Brink

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