Unlike regular product marketing, book marketing requires more than advertisements and product placements. You will need the following services to make your book known among readers and book professionals.

Web Design

Your author website is your online calling card. With a website ready, your readers can easily find out about you, your book, and your various accomplishments in the field. You can also provide a contact form so that they can contact you in their convenience.

Book Exhibit

Displaying your work in book fairs is a great way to be noticed by new readers. This is an avenue to expand your publishing network, consisting of readers, fellow authors, booksellers, book agents, and book publishers.

Book Trailer

A book trailer is an audio-visual presentation of your book’s summary that uses narration, graphics, music, and, sometimes, actors to creatively present your book to new readers. This will pique the readers’ attention and encourage engagement as well as create a buzz around your book. Learn More


We have ghostwriters who have the capability to turn your book into a screenplay, giving you the opportunity to pitch your story to directors and film executives. This marketing strategy doubles your audience since the moviegoers who see your film will be introduced to your book as well. Learn More


Our magazine is circulated in book fairs around the country. When you secure a placement in our magazine, you will secure your book’s exposure to thousands of readers.

Radio Interview

Our media liaisons will contact radio stations who will give you an interview as a featured author.

Print Materials

You will need print materials for your book launch, book readings, book signings, book fair exhibits, and more. Business cards, Bookmarks, Postcards, Posters

eMag Advertising

Readers who do not have time to sit down and flip a printed magazine rely on online magazines for daily content. Placing an ad on popular online magazines increases your book’s online presence.

Retailer Preview

Find your book in the book preview section of online booksellers and attract more book buyers.

Author Video and Web TV Interview

A video interview gives you a platform to promote your book and at the same time. Your readers will see different sides of your personality and know your insights and perspectives about your book.

International Book Rights

Get foreign publishers to buy your international book rights when we showcase your book in international book fair and online selling platforms.

Library Promotions

We will make a marketing pitch especially directed to the local and national libraries. This opens opportunities for your book to be featured in libraries around the country.