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Debbie Galbraith Interview

Debbie Galbraith, a certified administrative professional, and full-time Realtor® have completed her new book “His Glory Is Greater”: a gripping and potent story about the power of prayer, and how faith in God can improve one’s life.

Debbie writes, “I remember a few days after accepting Jesus as my Savior and Lord when the preacher asked my mom if she had noticed any changes in me. Her immediate response was that I wasn’t getting angry like I had been doing previously. I didn’t even realize it until she mentioned it, but the anger had disappeared. It had been overtaken by the love, peace, and contentment God brought into my life.”

Debbie Galbraith’s heartwarming tale details the author’s experiences with faith, prayer, and the glory of God. From surviving a traumatic car accident with barely a scratch, to seeing her daughter miraculously recover from hearing loss at a Sunday service, and even her mother recovering from a near-death illness, Debbie has seen more than enough evidence to know that God is watching over her and her family.

Readers who wish to experience this inspiring work can purchase “His Glory Is Greater” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes & Noble.

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