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Tracy Thompson Interview

Tracy L. Thompson’s and Stuart Thompson’s new book “Greedy Thom” brings laughter and excitement to every child and adult who is young at heart.

Tracy L. Thompson and Stuart Thompson, a husband and wife team, have completed their new book “Greedy Thom”: a beautifully illustrated book about Thom, a country bear, who gets mixed up with a wily goose.

The Thompsons write, “Greedy Thom grabbed the pointed-nose goose by his arm and tried to pull him out his bathtub. But the pointed-nose goose was stubborn and strong and broke loose from Greedy Thom’s clutches. ‘I’m not leaving!’ the pointed-nose goose shouted. Greedy Thom put back on those sticky, hot, smelly clothes that were drenched with sweat from the sun.”

Thom had opened his bathroom door, and there sat in Greedy Thom’s bathtub was a pointed-nose goose taking a bath. Greedy Thom tried all kinds of tricks to get that pointed-nose goose out of his bathtub.
Nothing worked. To his surprise, only one trick worked that sent that pointed-nose goose running for his life and out of Greedy Thom’s bathtub.

Readers who wish to experience this fun book can purchase “Greedy Thom” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon

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